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Who’s Who

View an overview of the Campus Disciplinary System (.pdf)

Office of the Judicial Administrator

The Office of the Judicial Administrator (OJA) receives, investigates, and adjudicates complaints alleging violations of the Campus Code of Conduct. The Judicial Administrator and the Associate Judicial Administrators investigate and resolve complaints referred to the campus disciplinary system.

Michelle R. Horvath, Judicial Administrator
Christina Liang, Associate Judicial Administrator
Vincent J. Ciampolillo, Associate Judicial Administrator

Janey Bosch, Office Manager
Steven Morey, Administrative Assistant

Judicial Codes Counselor

The Judicial Codes Counselor (JCC), who is frequently a law student, provides free assistance to anyone individual charged with violating the Campus Code of Conduct. The JCC operates independently of the OJA and the University administration.

University Hearing Board

The University Hearing Board (UHB) hears cases involving alleged violations of the Code that cannot be resolved informally by the OJA. The UHB determines whether a violation occurred and, if so, the appropriate resolution. The UHB is made up of students, faculty, and staff members.

University Review Board

The University Review Board (URB) hears appeals of University Hearing Board decisions. The URB’s decisions are final and may not be appealed to anyone in the University. The URB is made up of students, faculty, and staff members.


Any person or entity (e.g., Cornell University) that notifies the OJA of an alleged violation of the Code.


Any person alleged to have violated the Code.